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Yoga For Golf - Peter Violino

Yoga For Golf

Peter Violino and Katherine Roberts
Peter Violino “The Yoguy” with Katherine Roberts. Teacher training in Phoenix Az.
Yoga for golfers brings the physical and mental benefits of yoga practice to your game of golf. You will improve performance, reduce your chance of injury and increase your enjoyment of the game. Instruction focuses on proper body alignment, bringing awareness to your breathing, enhancing balance, focus and visualization. Yoga for Golfers targets golf specific muscles and employs the dynamic motion of your golf swing, to creates a series of exercises that gently, and effectively move your body toward greater strength and flexibility. Enhanced breathing awareness, improve balance through your entire golf swing,improved mental focus and visualization techniques  will take your golf game to a new level of performance and enjoyment. Peter Violino, “The Yoguy” brought this program to the West Michigan lakeshore to benefit golfers of all ages, handicaps and fitness levels. Peter is the only certified “Yoga for Golfers” instructor in the state of Michigan and was trained personally by Katherine Roberts. Peter is a Member of the U.S. Golf Association and a  Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance™.

 Yoga for Golfers student will experience:          

  • Improved Swing Rotation
  • Stretching and Strengthening of Golf Specific Muscles
  • Highly Developed Breathing Awareness
  • Improved Sense of Balance
  • Reduced Chance of Injury and Increased Recovery Time
  • Improved Focus, Concentration and Visualization
  • Increase Enjoyment of your Golf Game

Group and private classes are at Muskegon Yoga Center.

Workshops and classes are available for: special events, business meetings, retreats, golf schools and golf teams training.
To book a Yoga for Golfers program for your event contact the Yoguy @ 231 343 3228 or send an E-mail from the contact page.

Yoga For Golfers - Muskegon MI